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About Strike Force Automotive

Strike force the right choice

Choosing Strike Force protection products for your vehicle will keep your vehicle looking new while maintaining its value for years to come.

Product Profile

Paint protection products are certainly not new to the automotive industry and to the consumer. Current paint sealants or protection packages do exactly what their name says they do; they only protect the painted surface of the vehicle. Strike Force is applied to every hard surface on the vehicle, including the plastic moldings, the windows, the mirrors, the bumpers, the wheels and literally every surface but the rubber tires.

All of the current products are polymers that are wax or silicone based. At best these products will only stay bonded to the surface at temperatures below 165 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer the surface of a vehicle can far exceed the 165 degree melting point. Above this temperature these products begin to melt and breakdown and can be washed away. Strike Force has been tested up to 450 degrees with no loss of effectiveness, breakdown, or melting. This high temperature protection prevents brake and rotor dust from clinging to the wheel surface. All that is required to clean them is a simple rinse.


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